Congratulations for starting your journey to better hearing!

Check out our two new ebooks:

1. Download our Bridge to Better Hearing Guide

This e-Book will be your travel guide through the various stages of understanding,
adapting to, and succeeding with hearing technology. Hearing aids are medical
devices, and there is a rehabilitative element to optimizing hearing aid use, it’s not
just a matter of putting them on like glasses and fixing everything immediately.
There's a process to achieving optimal benefit and this guide will show you
what's ahead, what to consider, and what to expect. This includes:

- 6 principles for successful Hearing Instrument use
- 9 common but often ignored signs of hearing loss
- 6 ways to help a friend with hearing loss
- Understanding your hearing change
- Setting realistic expectations

Who Should Download this Guide?

If you feel that you or loved one may have signs of a hearing loss, or if you are
interested in maintaining healthy hearing, this quick guide is a great place to start.

2. Download our Breaking the Sound Barrier Guide

Find out how the hearing care industry works and how we are changing the game
in Hearing Healthcare:

- Why people need auditory stimulation with any hearing change
- What you should know as a patient and consumer
- Why hearing aids don't need to be so expensive
- Your options for traditional or comprehensive hearing care
- Why unbundling pricing saves you a lot
- What your treatment options are besides hearing aids

Who Should Download this Guide?

Before you or a loved one starts down the journey of hearing care, read this first.
It will give you a perspective on the care you deserve and guides you through
the industry as a consumer and patient. Consider this your consumer guide
to the industry and be knowledgeable about the kind of care you are receiving.

Breaking the Sound Barrier eBook
Bridge to Better Hearing eBook